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Sorry to leave you all in a cliffhanger there... [Sep. 26th, 2006|10:35 pm]
playa drea
But thanks for your well wishes. After my kind of top secret, super exciting interview a couple Wednesday ago, they offered me the job the next day! And I negotiated a salary! To something WAY higher than I was expecting!

Yes, negotiated. Yes, because I am selling out. No, I am no longer a public servant as of next Monday. Next Monday, I will be able to join SLA and be working on a huge research/digitization project as a superlibrarian.

Where? Where will I be doing this?

MTV. I am going to be a librarian at MTV on this huge, exciting project and I can barely contain myself.

Selling out to the man never felt so good.
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(no subject) [Sep. 7th, 2006|08:35 pm]
playa drea
I don't want to mess anything up, but I've been bursting at the seams since Tuesday.

I have two interviews lined up (yes, yes, I still have my jobber) one for a management position at my library.

And one that's supersecret and I'm afraid to jinx but, man, if I could get this jobber or rather, a jobber at this place, I don't know. I'd explode.

So that's it. Two interviews. One tomorrow. One Wednesday. One happy-go-lucky girl with nothing professional to wear, but lots of good things to say and really good legs. That's me.
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Atlantic City and me [Jun. 24th, 2006|08:43 am]
playa drea
Just got back from what TV Programmer called our "starter vacation" aka a couple days in Atlantic City.

Atlantic City.

We had planned on going to Cape May, but sensing that TV Programmer was not as enthused with my birdwatching/nature hike plans, I suggested Atlantic City at 5 in the morning on the day we were supposed to leave. We immediately booked a room at Caesars (You may hear that there is much opulence at Caesars. This is not true. There is, however, no lack of old people.)

Atlantic City. I did not win any money, TV Programmer did not take my craps advice, (Also, how dirty is Craps? Betting on the come line, anyone?). A man with no teeth tried to get me to go somewhere with him because he won 1000 dollars. A convenience store clerk refused to believe I was over 18 and did not sell me cigarettes. I did not sit by a pool. I only stuck a toe in the ocean. We played arcade games in Ocean City, and drank in an Irish Pub with an eighties cover band. There were no fights. There was sitting around in robes and eating peach salsa and chips, while watching Americas Next Top Model, which made up for a failed picnic that included ham juice and melted cheese product.

A good starter vacation. And I mean good, because, even though there was a distinct lack of opulence, there was a good amount of cleavage.
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Last night, my birthday, and beyond [May. 28th, 2006|07:13 am]
playa drea
Last night we got cable. I have not had cable since I was going to graduate school in Pittsburgh, and I spent the time I wasn't writing papers or drinking dirt cheap PBR watching 7th Heaven reruns. But since I started seeing TV Programmer, I learned that not only is cable a priority, but DVR and HBO and HBO on Demand are a MUST.

So last night, my sister, B Sea and I planned to watch various things on cable, drink Sparks, eat chips, and go out to Royale Oak (or see midnight X-men type movies.) I came home from work, and finished two out the three things, but I guess I didn't realize how much the library had taken out of me. I went to lie down for a cat nap at around 10:30, and told my sister to wake me up when she wanted to go out. I think you can see where this story is going.

Anyway, the big news is my birthday is coming up. And the weekend of my birthday coincides with the midnight showing of one of my all time favorite movies about the future (aka 1994) at the Sunshine.

Yes. Oh yes. On Saturday, June 17th! At midnight! If you care about me at all, you will be joining me in watching a piece of cinematic history (well, the movie was choreographed by Nigel Lythgoe, who went on to produce American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance AND judges on that dancing show. Amazing! I just found that out this week) B Sea suggested that we dress up in Apple-esque outfits. I already own my futuristic dress. Time for you to get yours! Please come. Or I will cut you.
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Oh. God. I miss you. [Mar. 9th, 2006|10:57 pm]
playa drea
B Sea is sitting on my couch and talking to Erin on the phone after divulging some news of the most scandalous nature.

I try to tell stories of the three of us together, but I never get it right in words. Someday, soon, I hope, the three of us will be in the same time at the same place.
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PSA [Jan. 14th, 2006|11:58 am]
playa drea
This is just to say that I brought a HOT professional snowboarder home last night and I have no intention of ever seeing him again. I'm telling you, so hot. Also, I have a second date tonight with a tv programmer. So I'm officially back into the single thing again. Awesome.
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If you need a confidence boost... [Dec. 30th, 2005|09:45 pm]
playa drea
Get your hair cut at Public

Not only did I get an awesome cut/dye job, but every one in the shop kept telling me how cute and striking I was. And also, I have little elven ears. I never knew! The girl who cut my hair was so so so sweet and B Sea and I ran into her again at Fix.

It feels so good to have all that dead weight gone. It's a new Andrea for 2006, for real. Pictures to come.

Also, I found awesome records at Academy today, including the Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks record! What a rad way to spend a day off.
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I am a jerk [Dec. 30th, 2005|01:42 am]
playa drea
While I was walking home from some bar with my best girl, I noticed I had three messages on my phone.

They were all from my brother. They were all frantic calls from my brother. I am a jerk.

My brother and his wife are visiting the city for their anniversary, and staying in my sister's apartment (she's in Jersey.) I invited them out to Karaoke, and we left around 12. I guess they got home, saw people hanging outside Bed's apartment, and then some guy came out of a car with a gun.

At least they're safe. They came back to my house. I was not home. Because I am a jerk. I should have been there. They came back to Bed's place and there were cops all over the place. They don't think they will be able to sleep tonight. Because they saw a motherfucking gun and I wasn't home to take them in and give them tea and tell them that everything would be okay. I am a jerk.
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I'm getting a sinus infection. [Dec. 22nd, 2005|11:39 pm]
playa drea
This week I felt a bazillion years old, and it's not strike related. I can't wait to go home.
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I would like to avoid the current strike issue so far [Dec. 22nd, 2005|12:55 am]
playa drea
Because while I stand with my fellow union brothers and sisters (and am jealous that our union is not as strong as the TWU, and if we went on strike, who would care? Those old dudes who fight over Value Line?), but it's really cold out and I keep thinking about all the elderly people, and I guess really everyone walking everywhere, and emergencies. It doesn't effect me, because the libraries contigency plane was to go to the closest Queens, Brooklyn or NYPL branch, so I'm working a couple blocks away from my house. And I use the term "working" loosely. Very loosely. I miss the regulars at my branch, I miss my co-workers, I'm worried about the lady I told to come in on Friday for computer classes instead of Monday because I didn't speak Chinese and she didn't understand my English too much. And the Chinese teacher won't be there if there's still a strike on.

Speaking of libraries, I got a nice letter from the president of NYLA (New York Library Association). You should contact Pataki before he announces his budget in January and tell him to remember to set aside more money for libraries. Here's the email:

On January 4th, the Governor will be giving his State of the State message and by the end of January he will be releasing his 2006-07 Executive Budget.

If you have not already done so, please send a letter to the Governor urging him to include $2.6 million increase in library aid in his Executive Budget. A sample letter can be found on NYLA's website at www.nyla.org under the Contact Your Elected Officials Button.

Also on our Advocacy Page you will find NYLA's Legislative Priorities for 2006, Library Lobby Day Schedule for March 14th and other helpful information.

The state will be ending the 2005-06 fiscal year with an estimated $2 billion surplus, the Legislature will be up for election in 2006 and NYLA came very close to securing the $2.6 million increase on top of the $4.5 million restoration in cuts this past Legislative Session.

All of the above factors provide us with fertile ground to achieve our legislative objectives in 2006. However, New York's library community needs to keep up the pressure this coming year. So please send a letter to the Governor, make every effort to attend Library Lobby Day and join your colleagues at NYLA in their advocacy efforts on behalf of the library community.

Only by working together can we achieve success.
Visit http://www.nyla.org/index.php?page_id=90 and become a member today!
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